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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Computer Warming – the new risk?!


Happened to come across a pointer in Slashdot to a Wired article.  From the article -

BERLIN — A security researcher has a devised a novel attack on online anonymity systems in which he literally takes a computer’s temperature over the Internet.

The attack uses a phenomenon called “clock skew” — the tendency for the precise clocks in modern computers to drift off of the correct time at slightly different rates, which can be affected by heat.

As I understand it, the basic premise goes like this. It seems possible to identify a computer based on clock skew. Clock skew is unavoidable although most digital systems try their best to reduce it. You change the temperature, you change the clock skew. So overload a particular server suddenly and there is a change in its clock. This means the time stored on that server also changes. Now use timestamps to find the server which has drifted off. This is not the entire story, read more at Wired.

This is a rather roundabout way of doing things. Not really the best way to do it, but what it does show is that such things are possible. Perhaps this concept might be useful in some other context. Personally, I don’t expect such attacks to come in anytime in the future. There are far simpler and effective ways and it doesn’t make sense to use such a complicated method.

Dec 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein executed


Finally, they’ve done it. Reactions along expected lines almost all across the world I guess…

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging at a secure facility in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity

- BBC Report.

What this is going to do is make the situation in Iraq even worse. Something the International community would’ve clearly liked to avoid. Good luck to America now!

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Dec 30, 2006

Bush wins poll!!!


Welcome to Wired News’ 2006 Foot-in-Mouth Awards program. You, the readers, have sent us your picks for the lamest quotes from or about the world of technology during this eventful year. We have selected the “best” of those and present them to you now.Leading off with a stupid quote from President Bush might seem a little too easy, perhaps unfair, a bit like stealing candy from a blind kid or something. But in a year chockablock with moronic quips, obtuse observations and mind-boggling inanities, you still have to put Dubya front and center. He is, after all, the most powerful man in the world.


Wow! This is one “election” Pres. Bush deserves to win hands down. ;-) Congratulations Mr.Bush :P

Dec 30, 2006

Hello World :-)


Hello world :-)

This is my new blog. Welcome! I’ll be writing about this and that. Some philosophy, some stuff about technology and computers,some stuff about current politics, some movies… blah blah.. as I said, this and that.

So welcome all…let’s go on a ride together, shall we? :-)

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Dec 30, 2006