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Monthly Archives: June 2011

How to log requests to specific paths on Apache


It is possible to log requests to specific paths of your website in your Apache log. Imagine you need to log all access requests to www.example.com/widgets/ path and whatever is under it in a separate file. You can use a combination of the CustomLog directive and SetEnvIf directive to achieve this. The SetEnvIf directive needs the mod_setenvif module enabled.

On a Linux machine you can do this by using the a2enmod command. On my Ubuntu I ran

$sudo a2enmod setenvif

On a Windows machine you probably need to edit the httpd.conf file in the conf directory of your Apache installation directory.

Once this module is enabled you can issue such directives from your VirtualHost configuration.

The CustomLog directive allows you to specify how and where logging should be done. The last parameter that this directive takes is an environment variable. This environment variable can be set the with SetEnvIf directive conditionally. What you would do inside the VirtualHost definition of the domain is something like this

SetEnvIf Request_URI '^/widgets/' widget_page=yes

CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/widgets.example.log combined env=widget_page

The SetEnvIf module above sets the widget_page variable as yes if the Request URI matches the regular expression '^/widgets/'. The CustomLog directive below it directs Apache to log a request in the combined format if the widget_page variable is set.

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Jun 23, 2011