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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Breaking : IRCTC introduces lottery system for tatkal tickets

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Railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has announced a lottery system for tatkal booking from December 1 this year. Travellers can start applying for tatkal ticket an year before the journey date. 3 hours before the train starts from the originating station, there will be a lucky draw to select the tickets for the tatkal quota. Announcing this at a press conference Mr Bansal said, "The ticket draw will be televised live over Doordarshan. We hope to cross the TRP ratings of IPL with this event". The programme is tentatively titled "Kaun Banega Tatkal Yatri". Mr Bansal further announced that the programme will be hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.

Explaining the rationale behind the decision the minister explained, "Booking tatkal on IRCTC is anyway like a lottery. Why not have some fun with it too?". Many heads nodded in agreement. Bivin George, a software engineer from Bangalore, says "I think we should have cheer girls cheering each time a ticket is picked. After all it's a once in a lifetime experience". Concurring with Bivin, Babhay Prabhakaran added in thick Thrissur accent, "The tickets should be carried and delivered by decked up elephants".

The additional revenue from the gameshow is expected to bring in much relief to the railways who are undergoing a financial crisis. The minister said that the much needed revenue will be promptly used for important things like frontpage ads featuring Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the minister himself. TV spots are also being planned.

Andrew Souza, an entirely made up software engineer who is a figment of my imagination explained, "Till now I was forced to book tickets for all my roommates and get beaten up by them when I couldn't. Now I can ask them to book the tickets themselves.". The relieved Mr. Souza has already planned to not plan his journeys 4 months in advance.

Not all is fair and rosy, dissenting voices have risen from the East. Ms. Mamata Bannerjee complained that the UPA had once again stolen an idea from her. She said, "This is all a communist conspiracy. The UPA is implementing policies I had thought of and now trying to take credit for them". Ms. Bannerjee went into a rage and promptly called up her Principal Secretary to arrest some random person on the road and charge him with a defamation suit. This reporter, meanwhile, felt it prudent to leave immediately to prevent a dangerous situation.


ps : err.. in case it's not clear, this is a satirical piece.

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Nov 8, 2012


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50 years of Bond, what can one say! The trailers and the reviews leading upto the film have built a lot of buzz and expectation. The director, Sam Mendes, had his work cut out for him and he hasn't let us down. Skyfall is easily one of the best Bond movies of all time and certainly one of the best movies of the year.

The film has all that you would expect from a Bond flick. Guns, fights, chics, brilliant opening sequence .. you name it. What the writers and the director have also added is depth to the characters. Since Daniel Craig donned the role we have seen Bond not as a merciless killing machine- womaniser, but as a human being. Skyfall brings out the depth of Bond's character. Not satisfied, the writers have brought up Judi Dench's M on a pedestal. This isn't just a Bond movie, it's also an M film. Jane Martinson at the Guardian called Skyfall the least sexist Bond film, and she's right. M will leave your jaw dropping, the writers have fleshed out her character from all the hints they've left to her character in the previous movies. The tough, no - nonsense, do-whatever-is-necessary M has been beautifully essayed by the inimitable Dame Judi Dench.

A while into the film you start thinking the trailer has let out too much. Not to worry though, there's plenty to come ;-) If you've seen the trailer, then you pretty much know the first few minutes.

But there's plenty of material left to enjoy. Javier Bardem does well as the Bond villain. His backstory is well woven, I thought.

A piece of advice before you rush to the nearest theatre - watch this in a good theatre! The cinematography by Roger Deakins is simply superb. I especially enjoyed the scenes in Scotland. The huge mountains and the deserted plains have been captured so well.

tl;dr - Must watch

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Nov 4, 2012