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What not to do when you are sleepy

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1. Write blog posts. Especially ones about “What not to do when you are sleepy”.

2. Write emails. Yeah, that angry one you’re sending – no, don’t do it.

3. Sleep on food. Unless of course you want to smell like pastries.

4. Speak on the phone. Yaawnn.. no I don’t want that credit card.

5. Write code. while($i = 0) { $total += $i; }.


There are more. You have to tell me.

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Jul 17, 2010

Buzzing around on my Honda Activa

At Bangalore I'm usually driving my bicycle - either to office or short trips to, say, nearby stores. Occassionally I get to drive my friend's Activa. At Ernakulam, where I'm from, I drive a Honda Activa (current active user : my sister). Was home for about a week recently and I rediscovered the joys of driving it. The Activa is Honda's big hit in India. Easy to use (automatic gears) but powerful enough, it's a pretty good vehicle. Especially in cities. It was wonderful to once again feel the wind in my face (figuratively, I was wearing a helmet of course) and the rush of speed (only 40 kmph, but still good enough for me :D ). I would love to own an electric vehicle like the Activa sometime. Wonder when one will reach these shores. Photo courtesy : Flickr and Adarsh_BlueSpace
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Apr 30, 2009