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Michael Jackson is no more


Michael Jackson is no more.

Paramedics were called to the singer’s home around midday local time on Thursday after he stopped breathing.

He was pronounced dead two hours later at the UCLA medical centre. A spokesman for the centre said the star died of a suspected heart attack.

There’s hardly a human begin in the world who would not have heard of this man. I didn’t really grow up listening to a lot of what we call “western music”, but even for me as a child he was a legend. Who does not know of the moonwalk and all those moves that he made so famous. He was a musical genius no doubt, but he was famous for more than that. He will be remembered for generations to come not just as a musician but the controversies surrounding him, the causes he championed and for the sheer story of his life.

At this moment, I believe it’s important that we recognise the great things MJ did as a musician and human being. We recognise him for the causes he championed. We listen to the message in his life. When this man goes down in history, let us remember the value he gave us.

Rest In Peace, MJ.

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Jun 25, 2009

“Scenes From Childhood” and Raymonds


As a child there were some iconic ads that I grew up watching. The Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ad is one. The other is the Raymond’s “Complete Man” ad.

The other day I was listening to some music and I came upon a gem. Kinderszenen (“Scenes From Childhood”), Opus 15 composed by Robert Schumann.

The music is brilliant, and it’s brilliant with the piano. So Melodic. Easy to see why Raymond chose it for its ads. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The lovely background score on the Raymond Ads are in fact the work of Schumann.

The Titan ads are another example of brilliant music being used in ads (Beethoven’s 5th symphony?) and so is Old Spice (Carmina Burrana). More on that later. If you know of any more such music used in ads, let us know in the comments section :)

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Mar 20, 2009