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Carl Icahn and Yahoo!


Saw an article on Wired about Carl Icahn and Yahoo! Basically Icahn wants to replace the current board of directors at Yahoo! with his own and pursue the Microsoft deal all over again. The New York Times has published the letter sent by Icahn to the chairman of Yahoo.

I doubt any good will come out of this. Personally, I think Yahoo! and Microsoft are incompatible companies and a merger between the two will only lead to disaster.

I don’t know what the problem is with this guy. Wikipedia says -

Icahn developed a reputation as a ruthless corporate raider after his hostile takeover of TWA in 1985.[1] The result of that takeover was Icahn systematically stripping TWA of its assets and selling them off.


I hope Icahn doesn’t end up ruining Yahoo!. Somebody put some sense into him.

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May 15, 2008

Are lecture notes copyright infringement?


University of Florida professor Michael Moulton thinks copyright law protects the lectures he gives to his students, and he’s headed to court to prove it.

Moulton and his e-textbook publisher are suing Thomas Bean, who runs a company that repackages and sells student notes, arguing that the business is illegal since notes taken during college lectures violate the professor’s copyright.

This would be funny if this wasn’t an actual court case.

Doesn’t common sense revolt at this very idea? What is worse is that a Professor, someone who is supposed to spread ideas and mould the young, has taken this step.

Perhaps the day is not far when copyright notices will be put up in lecture halls and agreements signed before the beginning of each lecture in the temples of our learning. Perhaps the day is not far when true culture will cease to exist.

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Apr 6, 2008

Saddam Hussein executed


Finally, they’ve done it. Reactions along expected lines almost all across the world I guess…

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging at a secure facility in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity

- BBC Report.

What this is going to do is make the situation in Iraq even worse. Something the International community would’ve clearly liked to avoid. Good luck to America now!

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Dec 30, 2006

Bush wins poll!!!


Welcome to Wired News’ 2006 Foot-in-Mouth Awards program. You, the readers, have sent us your picks for the lamest quotes from or about the world of technology during this eventful year. We have selected the “best” of those and present them to you now.Leading off with a stupid quote from President Bush might seem a little too easy, perhaps unfair, a bit like stealing candy from a blind kid or something. But in a year chockablock with moronic quips, obtuse observations and mind-boggling inanities, you still have to put Dubya front and center. He is, after all, the most powerful man in the world.


Wow! This is one “election” Pres. Bush deserves to win hands down. ;-) Congratulations Mr.Bush :P

Dec 30, 2006