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Virtualbox and madwifi


Blaaagh.. I hate this!

Tried installing virtualbox on a Compaq C700. The install went flawlessly. I even tried out some stuff on it. All was well… until I had to switch on my wi-fi that is. Just wasn’t showing up. An ifconfig -a showed up only eth0 and lo. Googled around a bit. Seems as if madwifi (the wifi driver) and virtualbox don’t go very well together.

You can take a look at this ticket.

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Apr 6, 2009

A R Rahman commits suicide


Yep. That’s my prediction for tomorrow’s headline. All that Rahman has to do is see BJP’s ad. It sux big time!

Is it too much to ask for a decent ad? Not asking for a miracle, am I? Damn, that track made me want to throw up.

Mind, I’m not an anti – BJP guy really. I don’t really like the political ads the parties are coming up with either. But I hate to see good music destroyed.


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Apr 2, 2009

CUSAT site cracked


CUSAT site cracked

The official website of Cochin University of Science & Technology got defaced by crackers. I guess they’re trying their best to restore it. The crackers call themselves “ProgenTR JAWNAX TEAM”.

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Apr 4, 2008

Hardware failure


I am back… :-)

I couldn’t use the computer for a few days due to hardware failure. I called up the technician and he came in and took a look at the system. Turned out the RAM was loosely fixed on to the slot. Damn! And they charged me Rs.200 . :-(

I keep shifting my computer this side and that because I keep switching between my headphones and speakers. There isn’t place in the front to plug in the headphones. So I’ve to move the system, remove the speaker pin at the back and insert the headphone pin. This  rough shaking apparently has loosened the RAM from the slot and hence the problem.

Worst part is : I lost 200 bucks :-( My father is not going to be happy about this.

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Jan 6, 2007

Hello World :-)


Hello world :-)

This is my new blog. Welcome! I’ll be writing about this and that. Some philosophy, some stuff about technology and computers,some stuff about current politics, some movies… blah blah.. as I said, this and that.

So welcome all…let’s go on a ride together, shall we? :-)

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Dec 30, 2006